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Wonderful Experience
Pam R. says: I attended Amy’s Facial Acupuncture Spa Day. It definitely exceeded my expectations. I learned great techniques to improve both my health and appearance. I plan to let my friends know about this exciting opportunity.
Skeptic turned believer
Carrie C. says: I had a bizarre experience about 5 years ago with an acupuncturist that left my thumb throbbing and hurting for weeks. After that experience, I was very skeptical about acupuncture. However, I started to hear so many good things about Galvan that I finally decided to call since I was so miserable with my problems. I was put on the 3 mos waiting list and it was well worth the wait. Amy has helped me with many various physical problems and now she’s working on my energy levels and circulation. I’m unable to take any estrogen so her herbal combinations are helping me with anxiety, night sweats, circulation, and sleep. It’s all working beautifully. Amy is professional and extremely knowledgeable and well trained. She truly is concerned about my wellbeing and my improvements in all my different ailments. She also is so patient with the numerous questions I always have. 🙂
Highly recommend
Dustin B. says: Amy Galvan has helped me through a very painful heart infection (pericarditis) in 2016, where I was having extreme difficulty sleeping due to the discomfort of laying flat. My first visit was truly a life changing experience! While my cardiologist did not offer options to help me sleep, one treatment with Amy and I slept through the entire night for the first time in a month. I feel she was also able to help my recovery go quicker than it would have without her treatment. I have since been back for treatment due to swollen Lymph nodes that had my primary care doctor confused as to the real cause. Again, one treatment and the improvement to my overall health was amazing! I highly recommend her!
Patient for life!
Loretta S. says: Amy never fails to help me with my health issues and I’ve been a patient for 5 years. Always kind, caring, patient and competent,
Post-Surgical Pain Relief
Vicki M says: Amy has helped me so much and I feel blessed to know her. Originally I went to see her because my right knee needed to be replaced. She was able to alleviate the pain and the swelling. LlllAfter the surgery the knee healed amazingly with her help. There is hardly a scar. Then several months later I was having back pain only to find out it was due to a sinovial cyst between L1 & L2. Amy was able to mitigate that pain as well- in fact I had very little if any pain after surgery due to Amy. Now I have been out of a back brace for 10 days and am scheduled for rotator cuff surgery this Wednesday. I have every confidence that Amy will get me through this and the shoulder replacement that follow afterwards. I hate to think of the pain I would have without Amy!
First Visit
David B. says: I have suffer chronic lower back pain for years. I just had my first visit to have acupuncture. Still to early to see if I will have long term positive results, but I left with a new feeling of hope and slightly better feeling physically. The most important thing I want to convey in this review is the compassion and caring that Amy gave me. She gave up 2 hours of her time three days before Christmas to see me because she didn’t want me to be in pain during the holidays. I have a second appointment in January. Amy is extremely professional, knowledgeable, and compassionate. I look forward to my next appointment and know it will help. I would recommend Galvan to anyone in need.
Erica C. says: I have had multiple health issues over a lifetime. Amy has been able to help solve and relieve where traditional healthcare could not. I am forever grateful and forever a patient.
John M. says: Having lived with knee pain for years after seeing Amy there is little to no pain in one knee and quite a bit of relief in the other. Amy is always looking for ways to help to improve my condition. WE have worked on my attention and my ability to remember things and there is an improvement in both of these. It is a very relaxing while your are there. John M
R. Simmers says: Dr. Amy is fantastic! Started seeing her three years ago after referral of a friend, not knowing much about acupuncture or feeling that I needed the treatment…but it has changed my life! Dr. Amy helps restore the balance my mind, spirit, and body need after the chaos of life throws it off. Would highly recommend her services to anyone who has serious health issues or is feeling ‘a little off’ for an extended time period.
Life Changing!
Kim M. says: I have fibromyalgia and the exhaustion and pain it was causing was making my life miserable. I was existing-not living. My first appointment with Dr. Galvan was over an hour (unheard of with a doctor) and during that time she listened and came up with a plan to help me. After her first treatment I immediately started to feel relief from pain, I slept better and had more energy. I have my life back! Words can never express my gratitude to this amazing woman. I have been seeing her for six months and the change in my body is remarkable. I am living again. Dr. Galvan has not only helped me with my fibromyalgia, she has helped me when I got a stomach flu, colds, allergies, shoulder pain, poison ivy and my favorite-creative block. As a joke I asked if she had something to help me because I could not do my favorite stress reliever, make cards. After the treatment she gave me I went home and started crafting and haven’t stopped since! The biggest testament to the work Dr. Galvan can accomplish is the fact that after seeing my progress, my husband wanted to go see her- and he HATES going to the doctor! Again, Dr. Galvan to the rescue and my husband is now sleeping through the night, no more back pain, less stressed, the list goes on and on. Thank you Dr. Galvan!!!!
A True Healer
Ginny H. says: With a chronic disease I have been Amy’s patient for several years. Not only does she provide symptom relief but helps me with nutritional guidance and emotional support. I always feel better after each treatment. I feel very blessed to have found a true healer. Ginny Pemberton
Right on the mark
Marion F. says: Return visit for my 10 year old son. He requested the appointment to help him release built up negative energy. That’s impressive from him alone to identify this, but without saying anything to Amy in advance, she diagnosed the issue exactly before he began answering questions to confirm. The treatment left him feeling lighter than air and he couldn’t stop smiling. She also offered helpful follow up techniques with herbs and massage. Amy treated me for over a year and she is just wonderful. I always left the office feeling better for the treatment, her caring and listening, and follow up suggestions. Highly recommend her services. – Just believe.
Tammy B. says: I have had sessions with Amy before and knew I needed to returned as lately I have been so out of balance. Pain, lack of sleep, anxiety, and weight gain have accompanied this year of balancing college and work. The smooth energy flow that has been released from the sessions has been so wonderful and after this last session I had the most peaceful nights sleep I’ve had in weeks. Looking forward to more sessions to assist in restoring that happy balance my body needs. You are a blessing Amy Galvan 🙂
Returning Patient
Paul M. says: My last visit with Amy was with the grinding of my teeth. What a great improvement and I sleep better. Thanks Amy.
John S. says: Outstanding experience, professional and effective.,
Hal M says:
Hal M. says: I notice a tremendous difference in myself after an acupuncture appt. It enhances my mental and physical in a very positive way!
Changed me for the better!
Michelle K. says: I’ve been a patient of Amy for about two years. She never ceases to amaze me with her knowledge. The treatments have changed me all for the better both physically as well as emotionally! I was skeptical of Chinese medicine at first but I am a firm believer in the benefits and results.
Miracle workers…
Jim B. says: You will feel better after a few treatments from the wonderful folks at Galvan. I had been in terrible pain with my lower back and with shoulder surgery just a month away, I was facing possible cancellation of that surgery if I did not find relief from my acute back pain. In just 3 weeks (5 treatments), I was walking tall and straight – and pain free. It felt like a miracle.
Long time client
Paul M. says: Dr. Amy has been treating me for sometime and my wellness factor increases after each treatment.
 Accupuncture is life changing.
Amy K. says: I have had chronic pain for a medical condition for years. She made me feel completely comfortable and makes me aware of each step we take through the appointment. I have had around 12 appointments at this point and am more than pleased with the relief it brings. I have an upcoming surgery and feel “mind and body prepared” because of my appointment with Jennifer. Thankful to have found Accupuncture relief!
Chronic pain relief
Emmy K. says:  I go for pain due to Crohn’s Disease and arthritis. I experienced some relief after my first visit, with joint pain being less the next day. I’ll definitely be back.
Colleen B. says: I have experienced significant relief from many health issues with my weekly visits and specialized herbal formulas. My appointments are the highlight of my week, I always leave feeling relaxed and re-energized for the next week.
I have been a patient for 2 years!
Loretta S. says: I have a great respect for Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture because I have experienced the great healing the body can accomplish when assisted in the proper methods. I always look forward to my appointments and leave knowing that my health will continue to improve.
Mar S. says:  I left my appointment feeling refreshed, energized and ready to tackle the weeks ahead!!! Can’t wait for my upcoming appointments!
Love Acupuncture 
Dottie G. says: Being new to Acupuncture I was so suprised to actually enjoy it! My chronic back pain has almost disappeared even with playing tennis two to three times a week! I am delighted with treatments. New? I say “Go for it”! I am much happier to be more active again. :))
Lifelong receiver of acupuncture
Kathryne F. says: Kathryne F: Although I have had many different practitioners of acupuncture over the years, Amy was by far the most professional, kind and thorough. I left feeling better about my future health issues, and she cleared up my lungs the first visit. I have a solid trust in her abilities, and know I am in good hands.
Terrific ongoing treatment
Linda W. says: I feel so much better after my accupuncture and am full of energy. I was not sure what accupuncture could do for me, but now I would not go without it!
First Time Client
Lindsey G. says: I had my first visit  yesterday and I was really impressed! I have never had someone spend so much time with me in any medical profession. The office was really clean and the herb bar they had in the back was impressive! She was extremely thorough, professional and I felt like she genuinely cared about my well being. I am really excited to begin my process of healing with her!
Long time client
Loretta S. says: I have been seeing Jennifer for more than a year and am very happy to say I am a patient for life! I have also had opportunity to see both Amy and Alberto and can honestly say that every member of this practice is highly professional, caring and very knowledgeable and competent.
First visit
Jan B. says: I was extremely impressed with Amy’s professionalism and the professional feel of the entire office. I have never had a medical professional take so much time with me before and take such a thorough medical history. I am very excited about beginning treatment.
Excellent First Visit
Michelle K. says: Very caring and helpful. I look forward to my next visit.
A great place
Happy Customer -. says: I have been coming for over a year and it has been the best thing I could do for relaxation. I always leave feeling refreshed and centered. Getting acupuncture here has helped me center myself and prioritize life, which is a bonus. Al and Amy are super friendly too which is awesome and they are smart and down to earth. I would recommend this to anyone.
It’s hard to Improve on Perfection!!!!!!
Joel T. says: Dr’s Al and Amy have been treating our family for over 2 years now and it seems more and more things come to mind that can be addressed with acupuncture…..and EVERY time we make them our FIRST choice we see amazing results! I recently aggravated an old back injury. Chiropractic worked wonders keeping me in line but the inflammation wouldn’t cease! Immediate results! And by results I do not mean small ones! The next day my inflammation was 80-90% less! Thanks to Galvan Acupuncture our family has a First Choice for our overall Health!
Baby LOVES Acupuncture
Robyn T. says: My husband and I have been a very happy and satisfied paitents of Amy for over 2 years! And now my son is happy patient. He is currently 4 months and has had a couple treatments to help with gas and congestion. He loves the laser light therapy and Amy is so sweet and gentle with him. I trust her completely to care for my entire family. Acupuncture is safer and so much easier than taking my baby to a pediatrician and getting prescribed medication. We are so thankful that the Galvan’s are such wonderful people and are so willing to help. Amy has truly changed our lives for the better. We are a healthier family and we owe it all to the Galvans!
Always a wonderful experience
Trish A. says: After years of neck and back pain Galvon Accupuncture has provided the missing piece to my treatment puzzle.The best thing is that not only does my neck and back feel better, I have more energy, more focus and feel overall healthier and happier. Walking into that beautiful office for the fist time was the best decision I ever made.I will continue to visit to stay on track and send friends and family with total confidence that they will receive the best care and service.
Paul M. says: Following each visit with Amy, I feel Great, and ready to take on the world. I know that with each treatment I am receiving a high level of maintanence and of that I am greatfull. Thanks Amy.
Kim C. says: Superb exam, evaluation and treatment! I am amazed and grateful each week!
WOWWWWW! I feel great!
Frank W. says: What a wonderful experience and introduction to acupuncture. I felt rejuvenated after Amy was done with her 30 minute massage and 30 minute acupuncture. I knew that I was running on empty, and she could tell by doing a quick and non-invasive assessment. I will definitely schedule another appointment, and I will recommend Galvan to my friends and family!!!
No More Back Pain
Joslyn C. says:  My low back was in pain. I had always suffered from low back pain for as long as I can remember. After one treatment, which included acupuncture and massage, my back feels like I had never had the pain. It’s amazing! What relief! Dr. Alberto is very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. I will be back, for sure!
100% Better!
Emily W. says: Due to the holidays I wasn’t able to see Amy for several weeks and the pain in my neck and back was excruciating by the time I was finally able to see her. On a scale from 1 to 10 (10 being severe) my pain level was at an 8. Within a matter of minutes I was pain free and the difference it made throughout the week was simply amazing. I cannot say enough about the effectiveness of this treatment. It is truly miraculous. Amy is incredibly gifted and knowledgeable but her compassion and dedication to her patients make her one of a kind. I am beyond blessed to be under her care!
Can I say enough good things???
Joel T. says: I was happy with the results on day 1….But now after I have been seeing the Masters of Accupuncture for a few months, I can say that the Galvan’s WILL be my FIRST choice and NOT my Last Resort for my medical needs!!! And now with the addition of their in-house herb pharmacy they customize herb formulas to fit my personal needs!!!!! Al and Amy, thank you for all that you have done for my family!!!
Worked for me
Shirley C. says: Went in seeking treatment for a breech pregnancy. I did the acupuncture in conjunction with other treatments but the baby has turned nonetheless. I especially appreciated that Amy Galvan gave me the tools I needed to treat myself at home. Would recommend to other expectant moms with breech babies!
Wonderful experience!
Nicole M. says:  I had been in a lot of pain due to carpal tunnel and I have already felt a drastic improvement in just one visit! I can’t wait for my next visit! Thank you for such a great experience!
Wonderful Experience!
Kari s. says: I’m already eagerly anticipating my appointment next week. I saw Dr. Galvan for pregnancy nausea, fatigue, and constipation along with pain from TMJD and pain from old neck and shoulder injuries. After not having a bowel movement for four days I am happy to report after my treatment I did! Also, the pain in my neck and shoulders was alleviated. Wonderful bedside manner.
Wonderful Experience.
Sarah R. says: My experience with Dr. Galvin was truly a blessing. The bedside manner was professional and personable. I would definately reccommend this course of therapy for I felt a difference instantly. I am looking forward to returning for I strongly believe it has been benaficial to my well being. Make an appointment… Just make one and see for yourself what all these reviews are stating. 🙂
Joel T. says: My wife has been going to the Galvans for some time now and after my first appointment I am personally a true believer! I love the approach they take to my wellness! Bed-side manner is fantastic!
Living better
Cathryn G. says: Amy has been a blessing to me. She not only has been able to control my restless leg problems but has also been a significant influence in the healing of my rotator cuff sugery. My over all health has never been better! Thank you Amy.
Paul M. says: I look forward to each appointment with Amy. She has accomplished very much with improving my overall health. She has reduced my blood sugar count from the 150’s to below 120. When I was told by my Western Doctor that there was nothing they could do to help me with Irriatable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), I immediately ask for her help. It has taken some time but she has all but eliminated the IBS. Amy is truly a blessing to me and I am sure to all those who receives her treatments. Paul A.
Wonderful as Always
Robyn T. says: I have been been a patient of Amy’s for over 6 months and I am always looking forward to my appointments. She is so attentive and actively listens to me. She tailors my treatment to fit my needs. I can’t say enough about how wonderful she is. She has done so much for me in such a short amount of time. My health has improved drastically! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
Ready Again!
Julia A. says: What a wonderful experience! The Galvan’s have such gentle spirits, truely every moment of my appointment was peaceful. Professional and personable, the Galvan’s are very special and they want to help your body find relief in the restoration of harmonious health systems within your body and mind. I highly reccomend them and can’t wait for my next appointment! 🙂
Connie S. says: The appointment = on time. The therapist = professional,concerned,attentive,considerate. The atmosphere = quiet,calm,soothing,comfortable. The treatment = effective…very
Just the relief I needed!
Jessica F. says: Suffering from chronic shoulder/neck pain, my first visit certainly will not be my last. Galvan’s massage techniques were just what I needed to relieve my muscle tension. The establishment was very inviting, clean and calming. I would highly recommend Galvan to anyone suffering from muscle tension and nerve pain. So glad to finally find a reputable place in Gainesville! 🙂
Thank you
Natalia M. says: I loved it!!! Excellent service, very professional and felt great afterwards.. I strongly recommend Galvan.
First Time for Acupuncture
A. A. says: This was awesome. Thirty minutes massage, thirty minutes acupuncture and I’ve felt awesome all day. You can really feel the affects of the acupuncture during and after. As a recovering addict, this gave me a deep sense of relief. I plan on adding acupuncture as a permanent fixture in my life. Thank you
Gillian W. says: I’ve been going to Amy for about a year now, for what started as migraine pain. She’s fixed that and more: helped me get in better shape, i have more energy, I enjoy better moods, I even lost weight without trying (!), and she’s now helping me through my third pregnancy, which is my easiest by far in spite of being older and busier than I was before. She always makes the time for me when I need to be seen, and always makes me feel better. Thank you, Amy!
From Pain to Peace
Camille F. says: First, let me begin by saying that I recommend Al and Amy Galvan highly! A few weeks ago, I went to Galvan’s to address stabbing pains in my neck, right shoulder, and left hip that had plagued me for weeks and had me living on ibuprofen. I heard about their business during one of their promotions, and my friends and I took a chance and we made four appointments. During my first appointment Al Galvan focused-in on the painful areas and released the spasms in the muscles. Since that visit, I have not experienced pain in those areas, and thankfully, my most recent massage was just for relaxation. The feedback from my friends have also been extremely positive. From my perspective, I am impressed by the courtesy and professionalism displayed by everyone I have met in their office. I have no hesitation in recommending them to my family and friends and I will definitely be back for more massages!
Excellent Experience
Corey S. says: I tried Galvan’s out of curiousity and I had a first class experience. The facility was immaculate and the treatment session was both relaxing and invigorating.
Life Changing!
Trish A. says: I have been seeing Amy since January. Initially my goal was to treat chronic neck pain. Amy has gone above and beyond what I ever expected. Not only am I without neck pain and stiffness for the first time in possibly 8 years but I also have more energy, I am sleeping better, I feel more creative and even more confident. I truly didn’t know how bad I felt until I began to experience how good I could feel! I would recommend the Galvons to anyone who wants to take control of their health. You won’t be disappointed.
Accupuncture changed my life
Peggy F. says: I went to see Amy Galvan at my daughters recommendation. I had a number of problems going on. I had never had acupuncture and wasn’t sure what to expect . What I didn’t expect was the change it made in for entire life. I have never felt better both mentally and physically. Amy has worked with me for a few months now and has been so accommendating and there for me 24/7 I will always be grateful for her. I tell everyone about how great the acupunture has been and what a wonderful couple Amy and Al are to work with. I look forward to my appointment and always feel better afterward. Thank You Amy for giving back a much improved life. PeggyF.
Robyn t. says: I have been curious about acupuncture but never felt comfortable enough to try it untill the day I meet the Galvans. They are amazing people and you know instantly how much they love their patients. I’ve never looked forward to a doctors appointment before. But now I literally count the days until my next appointment with Amy. I have referred dozens of family members and friends who all love the Galvans as much as I do. And I will continue to refer them. They truly are an unbelievable couple who changed my life for the better 🙂 I can’t thank them enough!
Accupuncture and Beyond
Nancy N. says: As a Registered Nurse for 36 years, I have firsthand knowledge of what a bad back feels like; how it interferes with daily life, making activity plans around “what your back is up to” at that precise time, how it feels when you lie down for sleep and as you quiet the rest of your body your back suddenly becomes center stage with spasms and twinges. From the moment I enter the tranquil waiting room in the decor of earthen colors with relaxing alpha wave music, or sit in the courtyard garden, I breathe in a sense of peace and tranquility. My breath becomes slower, deeper and fuller. In preparation for maximizing my body/mind/spirit acupuncture treatment, I run through my mantra of releasing and letting go of all the cares of the day and engage in conscious breathing. The caring and competent practice of the Galvan’s is a rare holistic treasure blending acupuncture with oriental and traditional massage techniques and oriental medicine through organic products from Mother Nature. It is a practice grounded in both prevention and treatment. Both Acupuncture Physicians are actively engaged in continuing education and stay current within their scope of practice. I first sought acupuncture in the 1980’s and have had several providers over the years so I feel I have a basis for comparison. I highly recommend Al and Amy Galvan to my friends, colleagues and community — you’ve never experienced it like this before!
Michael p. says: I have been attending weekly treatments for a while now and so far I am getting tremendous results. I have not been sick since getting treatments unlike the past years that I go to the docs 5 X a year.
Really great
Michael P. says: I have been undergoing treatment in the past few months now and I have not felt better in years…I have seen doctors and I have been given the runaround…..Really great service.
First visit review
Loy Ann M. says: My first visit was very relaxed and pleasant. The pain in my upper back seems better and I am looking forward to my next visit. Loy Ann Mann
First Visit!
Carla C. says: Had my first visit yesterday and it was awesome! Very professional! All of my concerns were addressed and I am excited to get to the root of my health problems! Relaxing, clean, thorough, friendly, knowledgeable! Ready for future visits!
Patient, competent & compassionate care!
Lorett S. says: I have been seeing Dr Jen for a year and have also seen Amy and Alberto Galvan. I have multiple health issues, so my treatments are quite often. Everyone has treated me with kindess and encouragement as I worked through my issues. I highly recommend this practice!!
Great Hope
Scott M. says: My first visit was wonderful. The staff was courteous, respectful and seemed quite genuine. I am looking forward to many more future visits.
New hope for healing
Emily A. says: The discs in my cervical spine were injured as the result of a car accident approximately 3 years ago. The pain had become all encompassing and I was becoming increasingly depressed. I tried various types of treatment to get relief including acupuncture but none were successful. My attorney referred me to the Galvans because other clients had benefitted from their treatment so I called and made an appointment with Amy. I loved her from the start and immediately began responding to treatment. If one method isn’t effective she pursues different avenues to find one that is. I have also benefitted from the herbal medicine formulas she has prescribed to work in conjunction with my treatment. Amy is unlike any other care provider I’ve had – not only does she provide effective treatment but she is also a patient advocate who is committed to helping me regain the life I had before the accident.
First visit only
Chantal Z. says:  Since I just started, I haven’t noticed any results yet, but hopefully, with time it shall happen. I know it will happen because I am only thinking positive!!! Clean environment and courteous staff.